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BIOSPECTRUM Infrared (IR) Therapeutic Sauna

As part of any detoxification program it is very helpful to remove toxins through sweating. Our skin is our largest organ with a surface area of 2 square metres.

With BIOSPECTRUM (R) Infra Red Sauna, muscles, joints and even internal organs are warmed by your circulatory system, not just by hot air heating the skin, as happens in a regular sauna. This allows you to sit and breathe comfortably throughout the 40-45 minute session, resulting in a far deeper and more profound sweat.



Infrared heat induced sweat contains 5-6 times more toxins, fat and impurities than normal sweat.



BIOSPECTRUM (R) is the highest quality Infrared sauna on the market. Enjoy this relaxing treatment in conjunction with colonics or by itself and comfortably eliminate heavy metals, metabolic wastes, environmental toxins, fat, cholesterol, alcohol, drugs and nicotine.





  • Get your Vitamine D here!
    The Sunshine Vitamin is something almost all of us are deficient in. Vitamin D is essential for the prevention of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. BIOSPECTRUM (R) promotes Vitamin D  production in your body 
    without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

  • Natural Pain Relief and healing of sports injuries
    Great for back pain, arthritis, aching joints or tired muscles.

  • Exercises the Cardiovascular system

    IR therapy can be used if you are unable to exercise or to supplement your existing exercise program or even as a warm up before exercise to prevent injuries.

  • Boost mood & lifts depression: Sunlight therapy
    Relieves S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), giving you that “feel-good” and “well-being” factor.

  • Remove Toxins and Heavy Metals
    Heavy metals may have been ingested through sources such  as drinking water, eating fish, insecticides or pesticides. Sweat them out in the 
    Biospectrum (R)
    Infra Red Sauna!

  • Reduce Cellulite
    Tired of fighting with „
    orange peel”? Try
    Biospectrum (R) Infra Red Sauna and say „Goodbye” to cellulite!

  • Boost metabolism and aid weight loss
    BIOSPECTRUM (R) has been shown to burn calories and can be helpful in conjunction with a controlled diet

  • Boost immune system
    Keep colds at bay! When I am feeling a little run-down, a session in the Biospectrum (R) prevents a full blown cold.

  • Promotes deep restful sleep
    Say Goodnight to insomnia!

  • Improves Circulation
    Physiotherm effectively improves blood circulation at just 30-40 degrees.